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Coral ‘Puro Malte’ Wins Gold Medal

The Madeira Beer Company (ECM) has won a Monde Selection Gold medal with their new ‘Puro Malte’ brand.

In a statement, the company says that to celebrate its 50th-anniversary last year, they decided to add another brand of beer to their range and Coral Puro Malte was born.  Made from several types of high-quality malt, and a specially cultivated and unique yeast strain exclusive to ECM, the beer is both  unique and balanced.

The overall satisfaction and approval by the company’s Madeiran consumers made the Madeira Beer Company confident in submitting it to one of the oldest and most prestigious independent organisation in the area of ​​Quality Selection –  Monde Selection.

Monde Selection medals are awarded to products that stand out in terms of organoleptic quality, compared to other products in the same category by a jury comprising of leading industry experts.

To date,  ECM has won 165 Monde Selection medals.

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