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CMF – Do Not Abandon Your Animals

The Funchal City Council (CMF) continues to show its commitment to safeguarding animal welfare during the current public health crisis with the acquisition of €20,000 veterinary medical material for the Vasco Gil Municipal Kennel Collection Centre.  The purchase includes vaccines, dewormers  along with other medicines and equipment, such as microchips, syringes and needles.

While giving a press interview, CMF President, Miguel Silva Gouveia underlined that “it is vital not to forget, at this moment, the needs of our animals. The Vasco Gil Collection Centre remains in operation, and by providing urgent supplies, we can ensure they stay open over the next coming months.”

Recalling that last summer Funchal held its first municipal campaign against animal abandonment, the president clarified that “we all, as a community, have to safeguard the rights of animals, no one is exempt. Given the situation we are experiencing, it is necessary to reinforce the message that, in addition to animals being part of the family, they are not transmitters of COVID-19, so there can be no excuse for abandoning them.”

The President of the CMF went on to say that the Municipality of Funchal has already invested around 1.2 million euros in Animal Welfare.’  Also, Funchal was the first municipality in the region to implement the end of euthanasia for stray animals, the permanent assignment of a municipality veterinarian, the opening of a Municipal Sterilisation Centre and completing essential work of the Vasco Gil Municipal Kennel.  Furthermore, 2019 marked the creation of a Municipal Cattery at Vasco Gil facilities, a Dog Park at Jardins da Ajuda and the purchase of a new adequately equipped animal collection van.”

Samantha Gannon

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