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Covid and globalization

Covid is spreading rapidly with the help of globalization; humans love to travel so the virus has piggybacked to almost all corners of the world with businessmen and tourists. It is here to stay.

Now, as we are cooped up at home, even Netflix may become boring and our weight shoots up. I hear that impulses, even for sex with the mate, are falling asleep. We should use the time for introspection, to look what is going on with us and with our world.

We know how we got into this mess. Virologists are saying that a multitude of viruses, as part of a balanced nature, lurk in the jungles and forests of the world.

As we are breaching their boundaries, fell the trees, plant soya, and heard cows in the new man-made pastures, these viruses lose their natural animal hosts. Then along comes the human being with a chain saw, and bong! we have a perfect new host for a virus.

We deserve this mess.

In changing a word, we might come to a better understanding of it. Let’s replace Globalization (an ever-expanding spreading network for the purpose of economics) with Interdependence – a system of connections which includes, and does not exclude, Nature.

What do you inhale? Air and oxygen? Where does it come from? Mother Nature makes it for us. Our neighbours, the plants, are absorbing our CO2. Just because we don’t see this constant exchange, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Interdependence is a better word for our situation. We are not only interdependent amongst ourselves; we are also depending much more on Nature than we think.

Human beings are equal pieces of a puzzle, just as flora, fauna, bacteria, the oceans, and much more.

With our reckless exploitation of resources, Mother Nature has finally had it with us. We are 8 billion little pests, some of us with extra big new-cortexes which come up with all kind of ways to exploit Nature even further. So, she is fed up with us, and tries to extinguish us. As a response, our frontal brain, capable of projection and problem-solving, is coming up with a multitude of self-protective measures. Soon, scientists and doctors will use already proven medicines for treatment, and eventually, we shall have a vaccine.

Once more, after the pest and the Spanish flu, we shall get away with it. Nature will not win this battle, but we might still lose the war later.

Ursula Hahn

info at

Madeira Weekly