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Covid and Fear – Breathing your Faith

This is a technique taught by Father Richard Rohr ( ), a Franciscan priest. The Franciscans seem to be a bit of a rebel group in the Catholic Church. Father Richard says that the Catholic Church should teach Christian Contemplation to its followers, so that they may obtain a direct access to God.

Father Richard was taught this technique – rather an experience, if it works well – by a Rabbi. The Jews are not allowed to speak the name of their God, but there is nothing to prevent them from breathing it.

Say that you have grown up in a Christian or Jewish environment. IF you have Faith in your God but due to the current crisis, you are besieged by fear, this technique can help you. Let’s use the name of Jesus.

Sit or stand straight and close your eyes. On the in-breath, breathe (don’t pronounce) the syllable “Je”, and on the exhale, the syllable “sus”. With the in-breath, you have Jesus coming into your body by way of life-giving air, and on the exhale, Jesus, cleans the CO2 your body produced. Jesus is coming into you, going out of you and coming into you… Think of Jesus while you do it, and the fear will lessen, maybe even disappear. If you become fearful again, repeat the experience.

This works just as well with the name of the Jewish God and with Allah. The word just has to have two syllables.

Stay safe!

Ursula hahn

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