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Porto-Santenses Print 3D Visors

A project entitled ‘3D RAM Against Covid,’ has dozens of ‘housebound’ people voluntarily printing on 3D Printers a model of visors approved by SESARAM to be used by the region’s medical units.

Ana Lourenço and Nuno Camacho, from Porto Santo, joined the project and are developing visors for health professionals on the island. So far, ten visors have been delivered to local health professionals, but the idea is to continue helping as long as Covid-19 affects the island. She went on to say that the most important thing is to “help our health professionals using 3D printers to create the necessary equipment to protect against this deadly virus.”

The project uses “acetates with the collaboration of the local company ‘Mãos à Obra’ and plastics provided by a local haberdashery outlet, in a plan approved by SESARAM to meet the needs of Porto Santo professionals.”

Ana Lourenço and Nuno Camacho print the visors and hand them over to SESARAM, who make them available to local health centres, but says that there is one more person on the golden island who makes these types of product.

“Today I delivered the first ten protective visors to the Porto Santo health centre, printed by Nuno Camacho and assembled by me,” said Ana Lourenço, who aims to continue to help local professionals.

Samantha Gannon

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