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This May be ‘War’ But Workers Have Rights

PCP deputy Ricardo Lume said that although in this “war” it is necessary to equip front line professionals with the tools needed to respond to the epidemic, it cannot be used as an excuse for the worsening exploitation and attack to workers’ rights. He went on to say that hundreds of workers are being forced to take holidays and that it is essential, on this occasion, to guarantee 100% employment and wages to workers who are on enforced leave.  Those who are working, especially in the private sector, he said, are working to the detriment of their health, as workplace hygiene standards are inadequate.

He later requested the creation of a support line for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Responding to his remarks,Vice President of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado, stressed that everything is being done to protect the population and companies so that no job is lost. He concluded by saying that asking companies to maintain the same conditions and benefits that existed before the pandemic “is completely irrational”.

Samantha Gannon

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