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Social Stereotype – The Would Be Organiser

In a world which is becoming darker by the day, I thought we all needed a little light humour….

Beryl longs for positions of authority, and when saddled with a group of ageing hippies on holiday, she is the one to round them up and whip them into shape. Days are organised, excursions booked, and hapless tourists bullied into doing things they didn’t want to do in the first place. With her terrier tenacity and ability to nip heels she soon sorts them out. She’s weeded out the no-hopers, non-conformists, ignored the single and happy and those who may just overshadow her ascending star.

Assisted by her new lank-haired friend Susan, whose limp neatly balances Beryl’s strutting abdomen and breasts forced into their regimented ten to two position, Beryl is often seen herding reluctant recluses into the bar, gaily skipping arthritically for the benefit of others and loudly giving her opinion on the French Onion Soup, while her new friend titters nervously beside her.

Blissfully unaware that men hide, couples lurk behind pillars, and bars empty quicker than a pack of stampeding wildebeest on steroids, Beryl is doing what she does best – Being a menace!

Samantha Gannon

info at

Photo: Jez Timms – Upsplash

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