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President of Madeira Reinforces New Containment Measures

With a view to the new containment and social isolation to control the epidemiological situation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the Regional Government this morning adopted new measures about three economic activities, namely, kiosks, workshops and civil construction.

Thus, the President of Madeira clarified that these economic activities are subject to the following operating rules:

– Newspaper and magazine retail establishments: to remain open, they must adhere to the contagion prevention standards and ensure that customers do not remain inside the establishment.  Products must be made available to the general public at the door to avoid crowds of people while ensuring that people remain the obligatory two metres safety distance.

– Service provision activities with maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, their parts and accessories: to remain in operation, they must ensure they take the correct precautionary measures, prevent customers from remaining inside the building and limit the provision of services to only urgent cases, without jeopardising the essential maintenance of vehicles and road safety.

– Civil construction and public works: All public and private activity is confined solely and exclusively to activities related to the provision of services, maintenance and preservation of facilities or infrastructures related to the health sector or distribution chains that are fundamental to containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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