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COVID and its buddy fear

As we know from reports in the “Diario de Notícias”, COVID-19 first surfaced on the island in Hotel Quinta do Sol in Funchal. A tourist from Holland, arriving in good faith without symptoms, enjoyed several of our attractions and excursions before becoming symptomatic. She is now under care in the main Hospital, along with three tourists and other patients, mainly Madeirans.  The hotel is in quarantine. All persons who came in contact with potential carriers, are being tested and controlled. Many sick persons remain under surveillance at home, therefore also limiting the possibility of infecting other persons. All travellers to the Island, whether they have a home here or a hotel reservation, are being tucked away in the Quinta do Lorde.

This way, the transmission lines between infected and healthy people have been cut. Some more cases may crop up but they will be identified quickly and segregated.

On the other side of the story, we have a young new resident of 28 years, who had the everyday flu and was afraid that she had been infected with COVID-19.  Rationally, we know that she could not possibly have caught it; she was never anywhere near the Hotel, the excursion buses and the people which could have been infected. She is irrationally afraid. She is not alone – some experts are saying that we are all experiencing a trauma, each of us to an individual degree.

This is the enemy we have to deal with – fear. 

There are methods to deal with fear, and medication is not one of them. As we know, meditation is a tool to give us perspective and calm; the Catholic citizens of the island, who are even barred from going to Church now, will be praying.  The point is: Each and every one of us needs to face the fear, whether it is be only about our health or our financial future. The virus is here and challenges us to put the mobile phone aside and look at what is going on in our soul.

The other million-dollar question is how to avert Nature’s next attempt to do away with humankind. We have invaded Nature’s space, robbed her of resources, balance and health, now she is calling in the markers. And who could claim to have a recipe for healing Nature, with 8 Billion human beings, inadvertently or not, plundering the planet?

No, this Easter is not going to be a beautiful, sunny event.

Stay safe and keep calm, fear is not the answer!

Ursula Hahn

info at

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