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Stay Home. Dream Online. Visit Us Later Campaign

The Madeira Promotion Association has launched a social media campaign appealing to would be tourists to stay at home at the moment while the world recovers from the pandemic.

During a press statement, the president of the AP-M leadership, Eduardo Jesus, said that “while fighting the Covid-19 is the top priority, the next step is to consider how best to relaunch the islands tourism.

‘”Stay home now. Dream online. Visit us later.” Is the new awareness campaign launched by the Madeira Promotion Association.  Available on all social networks it appeals to would-be tourists to stay at home and dream of the island’s levadas, poncha, welcoming and friendly people, land and seascapes and remember that Madeira  is the ‘Best Island Destination in the World.’

“The sea inspires us; it brings us closer together.  For now, just browse online. Discover the experiences, click, dream. There is so much to do later. With more emotion, with more beauty, with more nature. Don’t stop dreaming, but stay where you are.” These are some of the messages, which aim to raise awareness of the importance of staying at home so that you can enjoy an unforgettable Madeiran experience.

“The world is currently in turmoil, and although physical borders are closed,  digital ones remain open and allow us to dream of better times to come. Click. Follow the levadas, discover a hidden waterfall. Click. Dive into the warm sea. Click—Explore a typical ‘A’ Frame house in Santana.

“Staying at home means protecting your family, populations and destinations. As difficult as this measure is for a tourist destination, it is necessary, it is our responsibility and a civic duty. But we must also recognise that isolation is against human nature as we are social creatures who enjoy relationships with other people, affection and shared experiences.  So it is important to give people: hope and allow them to continue to dream. This is what we want to give back to people, hope, the possibility of continuing to dream… online… with Madeira!”

This communication follows the State of Alert issued by the Regional Government of Madeira, which restricts the entry of tourists to the island. These measures aims to safeguard the safety of the islands inhabitants and tourists, to overcome the current pandemic and ensure that Madeira remains a popular holiday destination in the future.  Aimed at the Portuguese and foreign markets, the campaign will be available on the Madeira Promotion Association social media pages, accompanied by a video which is available in both Portuguese and English.

The president of the AP-M board, Eduardo Jesus, stated that it is essential we all comply with the requirements of the current legislation.  However, it is vital to keep the destination alive, to remember how beautiful Madeira is, its exuberant nature, the people, the culture, the traditions and, above all, the year-round party atmosphere.  However, it is important to be part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19.  Therefore, the requirement to stay at home is mandatory and fundamental to the continued safety of the island and its inhabitants.

Eduardo Jesus stressed that “tourism is a resilient sector, made up of determined people, who have given their lives to this island. It is a sector that will suffer profusely but is one that will be able to re-establish itself and adapt to the new reality of a changed world.”

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