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State of Emergency – When You Can Leave Your Home

These are the 15 reasons why you can leave home during the State of Emergency
The Government has already established the measures by which the Portuguese will be able to leave home during the State of Emergency. The measures are being discussed today in the Council of Ministers, with the aim of entering into force today with a duration of 15 days.
The Jornal Económico had access to a version of the document that is being discussed in the Council of Ministers on the afternoon of this Thursday and which may still undergo changes.

The document states that citizens can only travel on public roads for any of the following purposes:

1 – Acquisition of goods and services.
2 – Performance of professional activities that cannot be performed from the personal home under teleworking.
3 – Acquisition of necessary and essential supplies for the exercise of professional activity, when it is being carried out under the teleworking regime.

4 – Travel for health reasons, namely for the purpose of obtaining health care and transportation of people to whom such care should be administered.

Travel for other reasons of urgency, namely for the purposes of:
5 – Transport in cases where there is a need for emergency reception of victims of domestic violence or human trafficking.
6 – Travel by veterinarians, animal keepers for veterinary medical assistance, caregivers from colonies authorized by the municipalities, volunteers from zoophilic associations with dependent animals who need to travel to animal shelters and rescue teams from animals.
7 – Displacement for family reasons, to assist vulnerable people, people with disabilities, children, parents, the elderly or other dependents.
8 – Displacements for other imperative family reasons, namely the fulfillment of parental responsibility sharing, as determined by agreement between their holders or by the competent court.
9 – Travel to bank branches and agencies of insurance brokers or insurance companies;
10 – Short trips for the purpose of physical activity, with the exercise of collective physical activity being prohibited, considering, for this purpose, more than two people.
11 – Short trips for the purpose of walking pets.
12- Dislocations by persons with free transit, issued under legal terms, in the exercise of their functions or because of them.
13 – Travel by staff of diplomatic, consular missions and international organizations located in Portugal, as long as they are related to the performance of official functions.
14 – Return to personal home.
15 – Other activities of a similar nature or for other reasons of force majeure or imperative necessity, as long as duly justified.

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