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António Costa Wants to Avoid State of Emergency

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, was live on Sic Notícias a short while ago to discuss the current situation the country.

In his speech, the Prime Minister stated that unlike the President of Portugal, he wants to avoid declaring a State of Emergency.  Portugal has a “legal framework that allows it to scale measures,” and declare a State of Calamity that allows, among other things, to create “sanitary fences around certain populations.”

Also, the Prime Minister added, a State of Emergency is an extraordinarily severe measure because it implies the suspension of an extensive range of rights, freedoms and guarantees. I feel that people have responsibly fulfilled their social obligations and furthermore, even in the State of Calamity is imposed it is possible to impose additional restrictions.  He concluded by saying that Portugal hasn’t declared a State of Emergency since the  25th of March 1975.

Samantha Gannon

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