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To Close or Not to Close – That is the Dilemma!

The President of Madeira has come under attack.  It appears that while the island’s population is observing and obeying the new coronavirus precautions, tourists are romping around the city and the rest of the isle paying little heed to the safety measures now in place.

Responding to the attack, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, confirmed that tour operators are in the process of repatriating tourists and asks everyone to remain vigilant and comply with all new safety measures.

Furthermore, he has told the Government of the Republic that he will only wait until tomorrow for them to decide whether to close the airport in an attempt to contain the virus.

Earlier this evening the President of Portugal, António Costa, stated that ‘any measure that closes Madeira’s airport harms those who wish to leave the island.’  He went on to say that he had not received a formal request from the President of Madeira to shut down the airport and stressed that he would only consider the island’s options once he’d been officially approached.

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