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Covid-19 Update

Figures released late this morning by the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque during a press conference show that tourism has dropped by 20%.  Hotels and travel agencies have recorded an overall decrease of between 15% – 20% due to the coronavirus.

New Control Measures

The Regional Government has announced that it will take more restrictive measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic tomorrow.

The Presidency of the Regional Government will ban 21 cruise liners from docking and increase control measures at the airport in an attempt to avoid quarantine situations that have already occurred in other places.

Control measures will be adopted at the airport on arrival.

Supermarket Frenzy

A sudden influx of people to supermarkets in Madeira is causing havoc as people are panic buying due to the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring  Covid-19 disease as pandemic. However, there is no record of any case of infection in the Region.

With regards to panic buying a supermarket employee stated that the sudden influx surpassed the volumes most supermarkets deal with on Christmas Eve.

Hygiene products such as soap, soap and toilet paper are the most sought after with long-life food products such as canned goods, pasta and rice, being purchased by Madeirans at an unprecedented rate.

But the sudden high demand is is being felt in other sections such as butchers. Another employee informed a local paper that the refrigerated meat that was in the cold store which was to last until Friday has already run out.  There are also partially empty shelves in the fruit, vegetable and frozen food sections as well.

The fear of being quarantined due to infection by the coronavirus is the most plausible explanation. At the same time, the Directorate-General for Health has called for people ‘not to panic’ in an attempt to prevent the population from flooding supermarkets and draining them of vital resources.

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