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Stop The Begging in Funchal Says RIR Party

In a withering statement, Roberto Vieira from the RIR Party (React, Include and Recycle) has stated that the begging in Funchal has become uncontrollable and that no one is taking control of the situation. Worse still, is that it is both Madeirans and foreigners, who are begging for money with anything they have, including animals, disabilities and even exposed wounds. “Anything goes,” he says “to get a euro, and nothing is done to fight this scourge.”

He further states that the Funchal City Council takes “separate measures which do not help these people at all” and that they have passed the responsibility to an institution, which has done very little to help the situation. All they have done is place lockers in some areas of the city; however, these contain nothing more than dirty clothes and alcoholic beverages and as such present a public health issue.

Furthermore, he went on to say that “We all know that some of these people do not want help, but we must safeguard the city’s image, as well as public health. Funchal is visited daily by thousands of tourists and the images they present are nothing but shameful. The benches on Rua Fernão Ornelas are another example, “built with pomp and circumstance, with stonework from Madeira,” which serve as a dormitory for these people and the City Council still does nothing.

Roberto opines that the Municipality has to take measures, which must be immediate. Calling on the help of the Regional Government, he says that many of these people have mental health problems which need to be treated either through admission into an institution or community dormitories, with sanitary facilities which need to be provided through Social Security initiatives.
Concluding, he said ‘Measures need to be taken and if necessary, let us change the law, as begging is a severe problem. It should not exist in this day and age, and it cannot be allowed to continue, especially as many beggars are controlled by organised groups who profit from their misfortunes.’

The RIR party is a humanist, pacifist, environmentalist and Pro-European Party which formed on the 30th of May 2019.

Samantha Gannon

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