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Missão Continente Donates €194,000 to Madeiran Institutes

In a recent press release, Missão Continente has confirmed that in 2019 they supported fifty-one Madeiran institutions, totalling a €194,000 worth of food.  The donations were divided between 37 social institutions and 14 animal welfare associations.

Daily donations to institutions take place throughout the year, from more than 300 Continente stores from the north to the south of Portugal and archipelagos of Madeira and Azores.  Donated items are considered surplus when they lose their commercial character, but are still within their expiry date. These include fresh products like fruit, groceries, bakery good, among other food items.

Last year, the support of Missão Continente reassigned 12.3 million euros in surplus food, of which 8.5 million were donated to 1,022 social solidarity institutions and animal welfare associations across the country (71 more than in 2018). The remaining 3.8 million relates to staff meals.

The note concludes by saying that all social solidarity institutions and animal welfare associations wishing to receive support through the initiative must apply via the official website of Missão Continente –

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