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Coronavirus Could Wipe Out Coca-Cola Zero

The new outbreak of coronavirus has not only impacted on human life, but the state of the worldwide economy and Cola-Cola could be one of the brands damaged by the epidemic.

At a time when China’s economy is suffering a review in the ‘Correio da Manhã’ opines that if the virus continues to spread, the production of artificial sweeteners in China for Coke Zero could be significantly diminished.

According to the same source, the United States may even be on the verge of a sugar substitute shortage due to delays in production and exportation. Responding to the situation, Coca-Cola has said that they have “initiated contingency supply plans and do not anticipate a short-term impact due to the delays.” Furthermore, the company has also stated that it is taking preventative measures with its Chinese employees to prevent the virus from spreading.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly