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JP Santa Cruz Donates 198 KG of Food to Animad

The Santa Cruz JP, a youth organisation of the CDS-PP Madeira, delivered a 198kg of pet food to the Associação Animad yesterday afternoon.

This community wide donation of food is the first significant initiative that the council has has undertaken since it was elected on the 8th of February, and aims to reinforce their belief that animal welfare is both important to the community and the organisation.  The delivery also coincided with the celebration of European World Cat Day on the 17th of February.

Speaking to reporters, Animad volunteers and staff, the President of JP Santa Cruz, Marco António Teles, said: “animal causes go beyond ideological issues and are nowadays a social problem that deserves everyone’s attention. The way a society treats its animals, is a good indicator of the development of that same society.”

JP Santa Cruz chose Animad for several reasons including their location within the Santa Cruz municipality, its work over the last thirty years and the way the association promotes animal care, money raising events as well as participating in major island attractions such as carnival and the Flower Festival.

Samantha Gannon

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