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PSP Warns of Increased MB Way Scams

The Public Security Police (PSP) has warned of the increased number of scams affecting the MB WAY application. They advise everyone to be careful and never to follow any payment instructions made by strangers or unfamiliar companies.

A PSP spokesman, Nuno Carocha, told reporters that the police have noticed over the last few days an increase in the number of complaints related to MB Way scams.

Via their Facebook page, the PSP recommends that citizens refuse to make payments via this platform and if in doubt to ask your bank for information about the operation of MB WAY before using it. Always try to do business in person if you are in the same geographic area as the buyer as well as arrange payment either in person or via a bank transfer.

In a report released in November last year the PSP already warned of MB Way scams, stating that in 2018 there were ninety-nine related complaints and by May 2019, there were already one hundred and thirty-five. However, the PSP has said that as yet figures for the whole of 2019 have yet to be released.

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