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Madeira has Coronavirus Outbreak Plan

Pedro Ramos, the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, confirms that the Region “is prepared” for all Coronavirus eventualities. In a statement, he said, “I am convinced that the virus will come to Madeira, it’s inevitable as we are a popular tourist destination.”

As part of his speech, he went on to say that “intense and accurate” surveillance systems are in place at the airport, port, marinas, hotels as well as private and public areas.

Herberto Jesus, president of  went on to say that not all people will have recognisable symptoms such as a cough, fever and breathing difficulties. Those most at risk are those who have been in contact with someone who has been infected or has visited China in the last fourteen days. Before contacting a health professional, anyone who suspects they may have the virus must phone the Coronavirus telephone line (800 24 24 20). From there, a series of procedures will be implemented.

The contingency plan is up and running, with Pedro Ramos reassuring the population that if there is one case or ten the island’s health care professionals will be able to deal with it.

Samantha Gannon

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