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Number of Road Victims in 2019 – Highest of the Decade

The PSP has released their annual Madeira road accident report which shows an unusual increase of road deaths last year.  This they say is mainly due to the catastrophic bus accident of the 17th of April which resulted in 29 deaths, 15 major injuries and 13 minor injuries.  Thus showing the highest number of road accident victims in the last decade as 1,225 people were either injured or killed on the island’s roads in 2019.

Also, the number of serious injuries was the highest in the decade, with 112, twenty-two more than recorded in 2018.  Vehicle accident fatalities, which since 2008 has not exceeded twenty-four rose to forty-two.

Of the twelve fatal road accidents recorded, seven of the accidents involved motorcycles (four crashes and three collisions), resulting in the death of seven motorcyclists and a motorcycle passenger.

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