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Let it Snow!

With temperatures of 7 degrees at Choupana yesterday morning, snow was inevitable! Temperatures dropped below freezing last night at Pico do Areeiro and remained below freezing at 8 am this morning ( – 0.1ºC. According to the records of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal). The minimum temperature recorded was – 0.6ºC , and with rain forecast, it was the perfect conditions for snow. As for the rain! São Vincente was hard hit as the amount of rain that fell in the region was equivalent to that of a yellow warning situation.

In addition to the cold in Pico do Areeiro, the amount of rain recorded during the night was 15.9 mm (1 mm of rain corresponds to 1 litre of water falling in 1 square metre), and this morning, 9 mm of rainfall was recorded in one hour.

Rain has been falling throughout the Region, with São Vicente being particularly hard hit as 8.1 mm of rain fell in just 10 minutes earlier this morning.

Showers are expected later tonight, early tomorrow morning.

Samantha Gannon

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