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TAP Prices – Suck it UP and Shut UP!

Miguel Albuquerque said today that the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing comments about the privatisation of TAP ‘derives from the fact that he does not live or have any family living in Madeira. ‘ Yesterday, at a parliamentary hearing, Pedro Nuno Santos had said that if TAP were private as “the PSD wanted,” the Social Democratic deputies “would have to accept whatever prices the company charged.”

On the sidelines of a visit to the Santa Clara Convent restoration works, the president of the Regional Government added that “if the minister thinks that prices of 600 euros are cheap, then he would like him to explain what he thinks is expensive!’

During the parliamentary hearing, Pedro Nuno Santos said that “If the state did now own part of TAP, then he very much doubted if the airline would still exist. Furthermore, if the state were not part of TAP, then the concern about the cost of tickets to Madeira would not be discussed in parliament since the company would be private, and that everyone would have to accept the prices and shut up.

Samantha Gannon

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