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Cruise Liner Training Course

A ‘Working on Cruise Liners’ training course will take place this Wednesday, at the Cowork space, Funchal. The course costs €196 and aims to provide those interested with an excellent working knowledge about life onboard a cruise liner, enabling attendees to apply for a job onboard a ship. The programme includes detailed information on occupations, pay, certification, qualifications, professional careers, living and working conditions, taxes and social security. It also includes action planning and how to submit a successful application with a covering letter and maritime Curriculum Vitae (CV).

On completion of the training, applicants will receive two shipping company recognised Training Certificates:- one in Portuguese (Maritime Basic Training Certificate) and a second in English (Maritime Basic Training Certificate), which, according to course tutor Álvaro Sardinha, is essential if you want to work onboard a cruise liner.

The one-day course provides candidates with a “fundamental certification” allowing them free entry to the ‘6th Job & Careers Work on a Ship Fair’ event organised by Apormar – Portuguese Maritime Agency in partnership with Transporte Global Shipping. The event takes place on the 13th of March in Lisbon. Although entry is free, all those wishing to attend must register their interest beforehand.

With a master’s degree in Law and Economics of the Sea, from the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Álvaro Sardinha is also a ship and company security officer and is STCW certified according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
He is also the founder of the Portuguese Maritime Agency (Apormar); from the International Job & Careers Fair Working on a Ship (; and the EconomiaAzul initiative ( and author of several books “Mar, the Land of Secrets” and “Objective of Working on a Ship” among others. He is also a consultant and trainer in Blue Economy and Maritime Economy, Sea Law, Maritime Law, Maritime Transport and other areas in the maritime sector.

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