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Healthcare Under Discussion

Both the PSD (Social Democrats) and the PS (Socialist Party) have proposed new healthcare practices which they both believe should be considered by the Committee for Health and Social Affairs.

The PSD presented a draft resolution to the Regional Government in which they recommend the restructuring of the islands health centres, which is included in the Governments health Program, to facilitate an extension of medical consultation hours and the restructuring of emergency service arrangements.

At the same time, the PS has put forward an idea for the creation of a specialised referral centre for the prevention and treatment of leg ulcers and other complex wounds. They also propose the provision of manual Doppler ultrasound and compression systems in ADR health centres.

Responding to this, the chairman of the Specialised Commission on Health and Social Affairs, Élvio Jesus, said that leg ulcers are a problem that not only affects a significant number of the island’s population but can be described as a ‘hard to treat’ condition.

He went on to say that “People affected by this particular health problem have a much lower quality of life than others (pain, sleep, social life, etc.), and the associated medical costs are very high due to long healing periods, frequent, and often expensive treatments many of which are repeated three times a week and, in some cases, daily.  Therefore the creation of a Regional (Specialised) Wound Centre is precisely what is needed for these types of conditions.

Concluding, Élvio Jesus said that “the resolution is relatively simple, but it is necessary to have the right equipment which is not as expensive as many believe.” Furthermore, the draft resolution recommends that health facilities are provided with the wherewithal to make early diagnosis possible, therefore alleviating the suffering many people with leg injuries undergo, especially as some have suffered for more than a decade with this type of problem.

Samantha Gannon

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