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Delayed Flights Cause Christmas Woe

Having a flight delayed or a flight cancelled is never a pleasant experience, let alone on Christmas Eve. But this morning, TAP added to everyone’s Christmas woes by delaying and cancelling flights from Madeira to the mainland, which understandably caused outrage at the airport.

JM Madeira, directly quoted a passenger this morning who said ‘that while TAP and EasyJet are the only ones flying between here and the mainland, she will complain to the company after arriving at the airport to find her flight had been cancelled without prior notification by either email or SMS.

Intent on resolving the situation TAP found the woman a flight on their scheduled 08:45 flight, however, at 10:15 the aircraft had not taken off.

In a withering statement, the woman concluded by saying ‘Merry Christmas TAP thank you for delaying my Christmas!’

Samantha Gannon

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