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Regional Government Promotes Production of Avocado’s and Anona’s

During his visit to the Anona and Avocado Processing Centre in Santana, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, stated that ‘next year, the region is expected to export nearly twenty tonnes of avocados. The processing centre, operated by Gesba, sorts, grades, packages and then exports both Anona and Avocados to the continent.

Furthermore, Madeira will start exporting organic avocados. For this reason, the President appealed to both farmers and businessmen to “produce more avocado’s and Anona’s as the demand is there.  With regards to Anona production, Madeira’s farmers produce on average fifteen tonnes per year, although this year there was a drop in production due to the weather.  He further added that the popularity of the fruit and its price has a lot to do with the way it is “presented, conditioned and how it reaches the consumer”.

Also in attendance was Gesba’s manager, Jorge Dias, who informed journalists that the avocado is purchased for 1.20 euros per kilo from its twelve registered farmers.

When questioned by RTP about the importation of South African avocadoes into the region, which is an exporter of the product, the manager said that this is due to the distinctive characteristics of both. “South African avocadoes are not the same as ours,” he said.

Finally, the President praised the work of the Agricultural School in providing training and information to farmers as well as seeking to demystify certain taboos associated with the cultivation of the fruits, for example, that certain ‘types of avocado pear do thrive on high ground.’

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