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Environmental Group Meets With Regional Government

‘People may belong to different parties, but there is only one sea.’ This is the idea mooted by the Regional Secretary for Sea and Fisheries, Teófilo Cunha when he met with the environmental group “Save the Quality of the Sea.”  Created four years ago, and led by Jacinto Gouveia, this is the first time the group has met with representatives from the Regional Government.

During his meeting with the Regional Secretary of Sea and Fisheries, Teófilo Cunha, and the Regional Director of Fisheries, Rui Fernandes, Jacinto Gouveia said that it was not the organisations aim to ‘point the finger or criticise’ because ‘everyone is to blame for sea pollution.’ What they want to achieve, is better quality and cleaner sea water for everyone.

Teófilo Cunha praised the ‘sense of responsibility and citizenship’ of the group but warned them to be careful and ‘not get carried away by people who could take advantage of the movement for their own political ends.’ He also thanked the Regional Government for the spirit of ‘disinterested initiative’ in the defence of a cause that belongs to everyone: the fight against maritime pollution.

The Save the Quality of the Sea’ has about 4,000 followers on Facebook, and comprises of people throughout Madeira who are concerned about the environment.

Samantha Gannon

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