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New Skating Rink Will Cost 500,000 Euros

The twenty-five winning projects which will receive Participatory Budget grants have been announced.

Of the one hundred and sixty-seven proposals, eighty-one were put to the vote. Of these, fifty-one were selected for a second vote and finally twenty-five were selected. Twenty of these ideas are municipal projects, while the remaining five are classed as ‘supra municipal.’

Among the five winning supra-municipal proposals, is the new skating rink in Prazeres, Calheta which will cost approximately 500,000 euros.

When questioned, the Vice President of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado stated that next year’s budget will be increased, and hopefully the number of proposals. He also reiterated that not only was he ‘very pleased’ with the way the voting took place, but that the process had been free from interference from the Regional Government.

The current Participatory budget stands at €2.5 million.

Samantha Gannon

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