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Unemployment Levels May Stagnate

Founded in 1963, Bakery Socipamo is currently struggling with understaffing. During a visit to the factory premises, the Vice-President of the Government, Pedro Calado noted this morning that there is a distinct ‘lack of interest shown by youngsters in this kind of work. Our young people, when called to work shifts, especially on weekends, show little desire for such work, and this type of industry is experiencing a severe shortage of labour.’ He sadly stated.

The Vice President (VP) said that if this ‘apathy’ continues, it will be hard lowering the unemployment rate, which currently stands at 6.9%, despite the significant reduction in youth unemployment, because young people today do not want to do this type of work.  However, there is work and a demand for labour.’

Pedro Calado believes that people, especially young people, are only interested in other types of courses and training, especially in the technological area, but said that youngsters should diversify their interests and think of this area as a career opportunity. The products made here, especially in the field of baking, catering, pastry and hospitality, are fundamental in keeping this sector alive, and we need to encourage youngsters into the industry.’

Socipamo and its subsidiary Opan employ 315 staff and have twelve units distributed throughout the island.

Samantha Gannon

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