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Father Christmas Arrives at La Vie

It’s official! Father Christmas arrives at La Vie Shopping Centre on the 1st of December at 4 pm.

The animation starts at 3:30 pm with the theatre production of Natal na Floresta.’ The story is about a little star who lives in the North Pole, who dreams of visiting a forest full of colour and magic, because at the North Pole all she can see is white colour of snow. Vivi, a young boy, who is the La Vie mascot, tries to help, but the question is, will Vivi be able to help her achieve her dream?

“As you see our Christmas is different” says La Vie. Santa Claus will arrive at the Restoration Square in an original way and one that is a closely guarded secret. All that we can say is that you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

The entertainment program continues with a Christmas Parade, led by Santa Claus and accompanied by all his entourage and a band. The Parade will tour La Vie, and everyone is asked to embrace the Christmas magic and sing along. Finally, children will be able to deliver their Christmas letters and have a photograph with Father Christmas himself.

Also, the shopping centre is celebrating the island’s Laurissilva forests, 20th anniversary as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

At 17:00, their will be a live performance by Tiago Sena Silva and Sofia Almeida.

La Vie is also offering several children weekend workshops up until the 23rd of December.

Samantha Gannon

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