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Uber Has Arrived in Madeira

In a communique from Uber’s, Communication Director of Uber, Portugal, Mariana Ascenção ‘people have been trying to use the Uber app for a long time to arrange transport in Madeira. As of today, they are delighted to make Uber available to Madeirans and visitors to the region.’

“The expansion to the Madeira archipelago strengthens Uber’s operation nationwide, also bringing with it more economic opportunities for the thousands of drivers travelling with the application in Portuguese cities and regions. Uber already covers over 65% of the Portuguese population. The largest service coverage in southern Europe.’

Currently Uber serves users in the Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas, as well as in the Algarve Region, Braga, Guimarães, Coimbra, Aveiro and now Madeira Island. Since Uber’s arrival in Portugal, the app has been downloaded approximately 2.5 million times.

However, the company’s entry into the Madeiran market has caused a bit of a stir and an unwelcome surprise among the islands taxi drivers.  So much so that Rui Barreto, the regional secretary for the economy has said that he will defend the taxi industry as much as possible.  He’s already said that he will guarantee ‘compensatory measures’ to mitigate the effects of Uber’s entrance on the public transport playing field, and concluded by saying that ‘this type of service could be prevented from operating on the island.’

Samantha Gannon

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Photo: Austin Distel – Upsplash

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