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Whole Oak, and Nothing But the Oak

An oak tree that for years was part of the churchyard of Faial was felled in September this year due to disease. However, experts have decided that the whole root must be removed before a new tree is planted.

The whole process, from the decision to fell and replace the giant tree, has come under the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation. On further examination, it was found that there is a persistent fungus in the remaining tree stump. Before they can proceed, the fungus has to be identified, the stump removed, and the whole area disinfected before any new planting can take place.

Local newspaper JM has contacted the Faial Parish Council about the situation, but President Manuel Luís Andrade has so far avoided mentioning a precise date. He has, however, said that he is following the process alongside the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation and admits that it may take a few more weeks to remove the rest of the trunk and follow all technical procedures before planting a replacement.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly