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Reusable Products Used for Christmas Decorations

This week the Institute of Forests and Conservation of Nature (IFCN) and Caniço Shopping offered around 5,000 euros, in school supplies, to the forty-five institutions that, under the Christmas Pastime initiative, created Caniço Shopping’s Christmas decorations. This initiative, which is already in its 11th year, has seen an increase in the number of participating institutions including educational, daycare, community and occupational activity centres.

The competition is open to pre-school, 1st and 2nd cycles of School students and Occupational Activity Centres (CAO’s). This year forty-five institutions joined, including eight nurseries; 30 schools; 1 Community Centre, 1 Day Centre and 5 Occupational Activity Centres, totalling 3,297 participants. Their challenge?  To only use recyclable objects, such as bottles, egg cartons and bottle tops to create Christmas decorations and displays to decorate Caniço Shopping.

The Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change emphasised that this initiative aims to raise awareness among young people and the general community about the reuse of materials and, consequently, the need to reduce waste.

If you haven’t seen the displays, please do so, as everyone has been so innovative in their designs.

Samantha Gannon

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