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Plogging in Madeira

We may be used to blogging, but plogging is a whole new ball game.  It is an ecological sport, created in Sweden which is a cross between running or walking while collecting rubbish.  The aim is to reemphasise that throwing litter into the street, including cigarette butts, is harmful to both land and sea environments, and that by protecting our planet, we safeguard our long-term survival as a species.

Twenty-five participants took part in the two-hour, five-kilometre run/walk with many of the participants asking for a second event, declaring there ‘is a need to clean our streets and ‘rid’ our ocean of rubbish, of what many refer to, as the ‘new invasive species.’

The President of the Parish Council of Caniço, Milton Teixeira, who organised the event in partnership with Caniço’s EB1 / PE and Galomar Sports Association, stated that they were both perplexed and outraged at the results, especially as cigarette butts were the biggest scourge along with plastic debris, straws and aluminium cans.

Samantha Gannon

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