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CMF Offering Free Compost Bins

The Funchal City Council (CMF) has officially opened applications for the free delivery of compost bins to families living in Funchal who have gardens and also domestic recycling bins to families with proven socio-economic needs.

The basic requirements are simple; to qualify, you must be a resident of Funchal.  In the case of the recycling bins you need to be able to present a document from the respective Parish Council confirming your financial vulnerability.  With regards to the composter’s recipients must either have a garden or vegetable plot.

Idalina Perestrelo, the Vice-President of the Municipality, stated that this initiative is part of the CMF’s application to POSEUR (Cohesion Policy of Madeira), which “will reinforce the selective collection of packaged waste in the municipality, as well as the treatment of organic waste.’

Thus, the project comprises of a series of activities that emphasise the environmental work of the Municipality of Funchal, through the distribution of recycling equipment among the population. A total of 1,180 household recycling bins (glass, paper and carton) will be delivered free of charge to households. These three containers will either have a capacity of 50 or 120 litres.  This the CMF believes will allow for an expanded door-to-door collection service as well as encourage everyone to recycle their household waste more carefully.

For people who own homes with gardens or have vegetable plots, the Funchal Department of the Environment Department has 4,000 composter’s available for the disposal of organic waste. Which again, the CMF hopes will encourage householders to be more pro-active in recycling organic waste instead of just throwing it away in the bin.

Concluding the Mayor said that the free distribution of the equipment is an essential step towards reducing the amount of solid waste that has to be disposed of by the CMF.

The total value of the investment is approximately €437,000 of which POSEUR is contributing 85% of the funds.  Applications must be made online on the CMF official website, and deliveries should begin in November.

If you have an automatic translation service, the heading you require is ‘Composer Delivery Campaign.’

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