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Marismar Goldfish Pilot Project

Blue growth, which is an E.U long term initiative to support sustainable growth in marine and maritime sectors, including aquaculture, coastal tourism, marine biotechnology, ocean energy and seabed mining has come to Madeira.  The Ground Zero project aims to provide Madeira with a sustainable aquaculture development and for the moment Marismar ‘Goldfish’ will be farmed in the waters off Calheta.

According to the department of Agriculture and Sea, Blue growth recently arrived with a team of a dozen professionals, comprising of divers, biologists, engineers and communications professionals, who will complete the installation in three distinct phases.  The first is the  technological integration system which comprises the installation of underwater robotics, sensors, underwater cameras and data transmission mechanisms between sea and land.  The second stage  involves an assessment of the  environmental make up of the water and sediment as well as photographic evidence of the surrounding areas.  Finally, the third phase is all systems go.

According to the E.U Blue growth website, the ‘blue’ economy provides some 5.4 million jobs and generates almost €500 billion a year.

Samantha Gannon

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