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‘Thought For the Week’

These last few weeks it has occurred to me that in our readings from the Scripture and in our activities, Christians are reminded of the importance of saying thank you. Last week at Holy Trinity (The English Church) we had our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, this week we read in the Gospel about ten people cured of their Leprosy by Jesus and only one of them returned to say thank you. And of course, next month we have Remembrance Day when we give thanks for those who lost their lives in conflict.

Everything we have is a gift from God, a gift worked upon by our hands, most certainly, a gift perhaps even enhanced by our strength, but a gift none-the-less, for God gives us the hands we need and God gives us the strength we have. Would that we could always remember this.

If in our busy lives, we don’t have too much time to pray, then let our only daily prayer be a prayer of thanks to God.

Rev. Michael

Madeira Weekly