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New Government Representatives Announced

The press release is as follows:

“Since Dr. Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque has been nominated by His Excellency, the Representative of the Republic for Madeira, for the constitution of the 11th Regional Government of Madeira, I inform that the Regional Government will compose of: –

1. President – Miguel Albuquerque

2. Vice Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs – Pedro Calado

3. Regional Secretariat of Economy – Rui Barreto

4. Regional Secretariat of Education, Science and Technology – Jorge Carvalho

5. Regional Secretariat of Health and Civil Protection – Pedro Ramos

6. Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture – Eduardo Jesus

7. Regional Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Citizenship – Augusta Aguiar

8. Regional Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change – Susana Prada

9. Regional Secretariat of Sea and Fisheries – Teófilo Cunha

10. Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development – Humberto Vasconcelos

11. Regional Secretariat of Equipment and Infrastructures – João Pedro Fino

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