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Student Climate March

Following the success of the ‘March Climate Rally,’ where students from ‘Zero Waste Madeira,’ ‘Awakening Madeira’ and ‘Wake Up’ joined together to organise a protest rally to raise awareness of the need to create a ‘sustainable world,’ they will be holding a second demonstration on Friday, the 27th of September 27, in front of the Madeira Legislative Assembly at 3 pm.

The group has issued a statement saying that ‘The time for change is now where our existence is concerned. Humanity is under threat due to the destruction that we, as individuals and society are causing through the plundering and desecration of the planet’s natural resources. This situation is further compounded by the inaction of both governments and companies in the face of our possible annihilation.
And for humanity to survive, something has to be done now!’

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly