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Santo da Serra Cider Festival

The Santo António da Serra – Santa Cruz 35th Cider Festival, Mostra da Sidra will take place this weekend (28th and 29th), offering a rich entertainment programme including educational workshops for farmers/apple, pear and cider producers and live cider production demonstrations.

The press release states that Madeira’s ciders are created as such – ‘apples are placed into small wooden presses, where they are ground to a pulp by a vertically moving mallet. The flesh is then placed in a traditional Madeiran mill where the juice is extracted from the pulp. After which, the juice is then siphoned into a tub and quickly followed by a general cider tasting by both producers and customers.’

There will also be live apple and pear confectionery demonstrations by the chocolate and pastry maker Angela Félix, as well as apples, pears, jams, local cider vinegar and SIDRA (cold or hot, with the presence of representatives of the two parishes of Santo António da Serra (Santa Cruz and Machico), Camacha, Sao Roque do Faial, Jardim da Serra, and Prazeres on sale.

As usual, the event is presented by Carlos Pereira, and other highlights include the Sunday allegorical and ethnographic procession at 15:30, official speeches as well as folklore dancing and a performance by singer Ruben Aguiar.

Event Programme:

Saturday 28th of September.

17:00 – Lecture: “Cider Gaining Value!”

18:00 – Evening Mass at the Parish Church of Santo da Serra

19:00 – Official opening of the XXIX Sidra Exhibition with the Santa Cruz Municipal Band

– Reception to the Official Entities and visit to the Exhibition Pavilions 

19:15 – Live sweets (apple / pear) – Angela Felix

19:30 – Santa Cruz Municipal Band

20:30 – Machim’s Tuna from Machico People’s House and Machico Municipal Band

21:30 – AOAKASO – Pop Rock Music

23:00 – Musical Ensemble “FRIENDS OF MUSIC”

01:00 – Closing of the Event

Sunday, 29th of September.

11:00 – Reopening of the event

11:30 – Sunday Mass at the Santo da Serra Parish Church

12:30 – TWA Dance Group of Santo da Serra

13:15 – Live sweets (apple / pear) – Angela Felix

14:00 – Musical Group “Sounds of Tradition”

15:30 – Reception to Official Entities by the Santa Cruz Municipal Band

– Allegorical and ethnographic procession – departure from Quinta do Santo da Serra

– Cultural and Recreational Group of Santo António da Serra People’s House

– Santo da Serra Float – House of the Santo da Serra People

– Ponta do Pargo Day Care

  • Rubbers and Folklore Group of Rochão

– Lagar Float Car and Ethnographic Group of the People’s House of Est. De C.ª Lobos

– Barrileiros – Boa Nova Ethnographic and Folklore Group

– Santa Cruz City Band

– Intervention by Official Entities

16:15 – Cultural and Recreational Group of Santo António da Serra People’s House

17:00 – Rochon Folklore Group

17:30 – Singer Ruben Aguiar

19:00 – Catarina Melim and Ballerinas

23:00 – Closing of the Event

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