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10 Million Euro Garden of the Future

The new Madeira Garden’s project in Cabo Girão is to go ahead.  The project will include municipal gardens, art gallery, cafe, souvenir shop, guest house and is the brainchild of Russian entrepreneur, Mark Dumas.  The public gardens will cover an area of 30,000 square metres and planted with approximately 150,000 tropical and subtropical plants and flowers of over 70 different species, including rare, endemic and species not known to the island. Also, the gardens will be themed to represent our journey through life, from infant, child, adult, love and maturity.

During a press release Mark Dumas said that he estimates that the gardens will need less than ten gardeners, while a further 25 – 35 employment opportunities will become available through the gardens ancillary features such as shops, cafe and guest house.  The guest house will be comparatively small and consist of 10 rooms.

Mark, visited Madeira less than five years ago and fell in love with the people and its abundant botanical life, and alongside business partner Alexander Grivko who have between them thirty years of experience in designing and creating gardens.  Thus their intention to create a garden with a neo-futuristic feel which is complemented with artistic influences.  He also hopes that the project will attract international artists into exhibiting their work.

One of his previous projects, Jardins d’Etretat in France recently won first place in the 2019/2020 European Garden award for the best restoration of a historic park or garden.

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