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Regional Government Reaches Out to Fishermen to Combat Marine Pollution

The Regional Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Susana Prada travelled to Caniçal today to deliver environmental awareness material to local fishermen as part of the MaRam – Zero Pollution Strategy.  The meeting was attended by one hundred local fishermen who were given green and yellow rubbish bags, MaRam t-shirts, portable ashtrays and caps.

While talking to the men, she said that evidence suggests ‘that the vast majority of marine debris found in the archipelago originates from fishing vessels and their crews.  Because of this, the regional government wants to reach out to the island’s fishermen and create a better awareness of the importance of improved waste management onboard ships and within the port of Caniçal.

Susana Prada said that it is a priority of the regional government, in terms of environmental policy, to combat sea pollution, reduce the use of single-use plastic products and encourage the reuse of materials.

The regional government approved the MaRam Strategy in 2015, creating an initiative to control and reduce coastal water pollution through the creation of a better understanding of how marine pollution affects the waters around Madeira, and educating fishermen on protecting and conserving the sea their livelihoods rely on.  

Samantha Gannon

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