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Portuguese League Against Cancer Seeks Volunteers

The Madeiran branch of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) has issued a statement asking everyone to join their cause, ‘making it larger and more comprehensive in the fight against cancer and creating a national community of mutual help and solidarity.’

The Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) is a charitable organisation who plays a vital role within the Madeiran community in its fight against cancer.  Part of the charity’s effectiveness comes from its volunteers who play a varied and essential role within the organisation; from fundraising, developing improved health care practices, patient support and care, as well as working within the local community.

As such, the charity asks all interested parties to register and take part in their next initiative, which runs from the 31st of October to the 4th of November. Volunteers can either decide to participate either full and part-time throughout the period.

For further information and application forms, please visit

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