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PNR Advocate Renewable Energy Solutions

The great thing with elections is the number of ideas ‘new ideas’ that emerge, and the Partido Nacional Renovados (National Renewable Party) PNR is no exception.

In a statement, the party has said ‘that the purchase of fossil fuels to create energy, costs hundreds of millions of euros each year for Madeiran taxpayers.  Renewable, as well as green energy, is also profitable, and our island is immensely viable in renewable energies. Besides, Europe unequivocally supports investments in this area, so we have to take advantage of this as early as possible.  We also need to reduce bureaucracy in small energy production.  Instead of paying millions to buy fuel, we should be paying Madeirans to produce our energy needs through the sun (photovoltaic), wind and biomass (thermoelectric) and encourage them to sell it to the public grid.

We also recommended the placing solar panels in public institutions for the last four years, as we consider this to be a profitable, with a return on investment in about three to four years.

In short, we advocate energy self-sufficiency through the various alternatives to fossil fuels, where all Madeirans can collaborate and also enjoy the benefits of energy production. Especially as every day we procrastinate in investing in renewable/green energies, is money lost.’

Samantha Gannon

info at

Madeira Weekly