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Proposal for Public Veterinary Hospital

This morning representatives from the political party ‘Bloco Esquerda’ visited the Municipal Kennel of Funchal.

During his visit, Tomás Marquez, party candidate and animal rights activist, said that improvements must be made. He went on to say that the kennel is overcrowded and the conditions could be improved. With this in mind, he urges the Regional Government, to create the necessary financial aid to allow all the islands municipalities adequate provision for the collection of stray animals and the wherewithal to treat and look after them. To this, he says the government needs to either invest or support Madeira’s local councils in updating or creating new facilities. Furthermore, he stated, it is necessary to make people understand that animal abandonment is cruel and to promote sterilisation as a way of slowing down pet populations.

Responding to this, kennel staff stated that several circumstances lead to the abandonment of animals. These are old age, sickness, moving to a new home, birth of a child, lack of sterilisation, as well as seasonal (holiday) abandonment which is both prevalent in Madeira and the mainland.

The Bloco Esquerda also proposes the construction of a public veterinary hospital, so that veterinary care for domestic animals is more accessible to all families, so fewer and fewer sick pets are abandoned due to lack of money.

Samantha Gannon

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