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Golf Course at Ponta do Pargo – A Reality

The President of the Regional Government has recently declared that the proposed golf course at Ponta do Pargo will become a reality.

In a statement, Miguel Albuquerque said that this area has the perfect conditions to develop and build a golf course, as well as provide excellent tourism opportunities.  Furthermore,  the government has made provisions for acquiring more land and is moving forward with the project. Also, the construction of  a new golf course has attracted interest from private parties, and although the President refrained from providing any further information, he did say that the interested party was a ‘foreign group and that things were progressing nicely’

Concluding, the President reiterated his belief that it is necessary from a tourism point of view, for the island to have four golf courses (three in Madeira and one in Porto Santo).

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly