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CMF Distinguished by European Commission

Interreg Europe, who manage the European Commission’s Comunity Fund for Regional Development has informed the Funchal City Council (CMF) that they have elected the pavements along Estrada Monumental and Avenida do Infante as well as school ‘Kiss and Ride’ projects as good ‘European Mobility Practices.’

Urban Mobility council officer, Bruno Martins issued a statement saying that ‘this international recognition for the highly commendable and often innovative work that Funchal has been able to do in terms of mobility and accessibility in the municipality is well deserved.’

Smart pedestrian crossings have been in operation since the middle of the year, which combines pedestrian and road safety with energy efficiency. The crossings use an intelligent backlighting system, and through both vertical and horizontal sensing which reacts to pedestrian proximity, lights at both ground level and above are activated automatically, increasing visibility for pedestrians and drivers.

In addition to smart crossings, one of the most innovative best practices at European level are the Kiss & Ride lanes, implemented by the municipality in 2015 for the capitals schools.  The aim is to facilitate the entry and exit of school students, ensuring the safety of students, other drivers and improving the flow of car traffic. Providing two good examples of how the CMF has been following up its Urban Mobility strategy and looking for future solutions to create more attractive, accessible, inclusive and secure mobility features.

Furthermore, seven schools in Funchal have adopted the ‘Kiss and Ride’ initiatives.  There are – Santa Teresinha College, Ajuda School, Ângelo Augusto da Silva School, Infante D. Henrique College, Maritime College, Bartolomeu Perestrelo School and the Salesian School.

In conclusion Bruno Martins adds that since last June, Funchal had been distinguished by ELTIS (European Platform for Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Plans), which is part of the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE), and the European Commission as one of Europe’s top city’s with regards to implementing good mobility solutions. Some of the Municipality’s measures were also included in a European Good Mobility Guide which ELTIS presented this year. 

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