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Possible All Year Round Ferry Service

With the impending elections, the debates and initiatives are hotting up.  So much so that rumours are rife that the mainland Socialist Party (PS) government of António Costa is so desperate for his party to govern Madeira that he has promised to do what he has never done – indeed, something that he has ignored for the last four years, and this is?  Yes, he has agreed with PS candidate and ex-mayor of Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo that if he wins, he has secured the commitment from the mainland government for a all-year-round ferry service between Madeira and Lisbon.

However, this has not gone down so well with other parties.  Especially with the secretary-general of the Madeira Social Democratic Party (PSD), José Prada saying that it is regrettable that António Costa, the prime minister of Portugal who has an “obligation to treat all Portuguese equally has finally dropped his mask and confirms what is already suspected; that Madeira has suffered from neglect because of its political colour.’

He went on to say that he believes that only now as the elections approach that the mainland government is willing to discuss the possibility of an all-year-round ferry service when everyone knows that a ‘sea travel mobility allowance’ had not been approved.

Other questions, such as how will the operation been handled, what ship, how much it will cost the region, and more importantly, will this proposal continue if the PSD remains in power? Are still unanswered.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly