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Huawei Introduce New Operating System

Chinese telecommunications group Huawei has unveiled its new operating system as a direct response to the United States threat to block the supply of Android technology to the company.

Nicknamed ‘HarmonyOS’ the system was launched during a conference in Dongguan, Southern China by company CEO Richard Yu, who stated the nickname came about because ‘they want to bring more harmony to the world!’

Last May, the US placed the Huawei group on a Commerce Department list of entities after negotiations failed.  This means US companies have to apply for a license to sell technology to Huawei. The ban also concerns Google and the provision of the Android system, which powers the vast majority of the world’s smartphones, including Huawei’s.

The United States accuses the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications and internet based products of cooperating with Chinese intelligence services.   Now that the US administration has banned government agencies from buying equipment from Huawei, it has also implemented a congressional measure that considers Chinese companies a security threat in the face of growing tensions between the two countries.

Washington has also pressured several countries, including Portugal, to exclude Huawei in building fifth-generation (5G) mobile network infrastructure.

Huawei has been working since 2012 on its own operating system, which was initially designed for the IoT (Internet of Things) industry.

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